Best 200+ Fake People Quotes Of 2020

fake people quotes

I Only Want One Thing From Fake People: DISTANCE

I Don’t Trust Words. I Trust Actions

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Some People Just Need A High Five In The Face  With A Chair.

Cut Off Fake People For Real Reasons Not Real People For Fake Reasons.

Some People Forget About You, Until They Want Something From You.

So Tired Of Fake People.


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May Your Life Someday Be As Awesome As You Pretend It In Facebook.

Fake Friends Leave When You Cry. True Friends Cry When You Leave.

Fake People Have An Image Top Maintain. Real People Just Don’t Care.

It Must Be Exhausting Being You, Especially When You’re Always Trying To Make People Believe You’re Something You Are Not!

Sometimes , The Person You’d Take A Bullet For Ends Up Being The One Behind The Gun.

I Hate It The Most When People Say They Dislike Someone Yet You See Them Go And Hangout With Them.

Fake People Don’t Surprise Me Anymore, Loyal People Do.

There Was A Time When I Thought I’D Know You Forever.

Fake Friends Are No Different Than Shadows, They Stick Around During Your Brightest Moments, But Disappear During Your Darkest Hours.

Sad How Some People Believe Their Own Lies And The Stories They Make Up In Their Heads.

Some People Are Like Clouds When They Disappear, Its A Beautiful Day.

Some Times Its Not The People Who Change, Its The Mask That Falls Off.

Fake Friends: Once They Stop Talking To You, They Start Talking About You.

I Don’t Have The Energy To Pretend To Like You Today.

No, Don’t Even Approach Me. I Am Severely Allergic To Fake People.


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Better An Honest Enemy Than A False Friend.


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Oh, I Am Sorry I Forgot I Only Exist When You Need Something.

Have You Ever Met A Hater Doing Better Than You? ME NEITHER.

I Would Rather Have No Friends Than Fake Friends.

Side By Side Or Miles Apart, Real Friends Are Always Close To The Heart.

Fake People Believe In Rumors. Real Friends Believe In You.

One Good Thing About Being In Bad Situations: It Makes Picking Out The Fake Friends Real Easy.

In The End You’ll See Who’s Fake, Who’s True, And Who Will Risk It All For You.

We Don’t Lose Friends, We Just Learn Who Our Real Ones Are.

Better To Have An Enemy Who Slaps You In The Face Than A Friend Who Stabs You In The Back.

Being Too Nice Is Almost A Crime Nowadays. Fake Friends Are Everywhere.

There’s No Point Having Tons Of Friends Who Won’t Be There When You’re Down.

How Many Faces Do I Have To Peel Off Before I Can Get Acquainted With The Real You.


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Written by Alaiya Kieth

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