Want to impress your New Neighbours? Give them these flowers

Want to impress your New Neighbours Give them these flowers

Going to a new neighbourhood is just like going to a new school and adjusting. But it is a lot easy in a way as well. When buying a new house, we often choose a safe and friendly neighbourhood, because the surroundings matter. If we want a secure area for our children and families, so do others as well. 


If you are a new neighbour or are having new neighbours, do not hesitate to offer a welcoming hand. The Flower Company can help you with some beautiful and heartwarming ideas to meet and greet with an impression. Click here to explore a wide variety of flowers and gift baskets provided by them.


Best and Beautiful option: Flowers 

Flowers are always your best friend in such situations. They do not represent you as a strong presumptuous neighbour but a caring and welcoming individual. Here’s how flowers can help:


  • Flowers can be presented as a housewarming gift for your new neighbours. 
  • A friendly gesture with a beautiful bouquet can clear away uncertainties. 
  • Also, flowers are the foundation of new friendships and relations as well. 
  • When it comes to beautiful arrangements of flowers, click here for the best recommendations. 


Why is getting friendly with your new neighbours important?


Moving to a new neighbourhood is always difficult, being new and all. A friendly welcome can ease your worries, whether you will fit or won’t. Getting to know them is beneficial, especially when necessary:


  • You need a trustworthy babysitter for your kids; neighbours can help for sure. 
  • A friendly neighbour can provide you with extra protection for your home by keeping an eye on you. 
  • Being social with neighbours improves your social circle, as well. You always have someone to tag along.
  • A lifelong friendship for your kids is a wonderful gift in itself. The same age group in surroundings can enhance confidence and sense of responsibility in the children. 


How to impress your New Neighbours?

Welcoming someone in your society and making new friends has always been fun. The best way is greeting them with elegant flowers. 


  • Explore your neighbourhood to get to know your neighbours. One should be familiar with the surroundings. 
  • Meet and greet your neighbours, as well. Don’t shy away and say hello. Put a friendly smile and connect.
  • Give them warm smiles and cookies along with beautiful floral arrangements. 
  • Encourage your kids to go out too. Especially children as they make new friends more easily and never judge. 
  • Make plans once you get to know them. Exchange contacts, as they can help immensely when in an emergency. 


Go in a Flowery way; it always works!


Every flower means something. Each one has a different individuality. The flowers symbolize life, birth, passion, love, growth, death, etc.


Going to welcome a new neighbour, these are the friendly flowers with your name on it: 


  • Orchids: Widely known from the orchid family, these cuties are colourful, vibrant and beautiful for a gift. They can be used as housewarming gifts and welcoming presents for new neighbours as well. 

  • Mums: Mums are flowers of different cultures and meanings. It symbolizes positivity and cheerfulness in America and is used for graves in Europe. 

  • Blue irises: Beautiful blooms and long-lasting flowers; they spread sparkling beauty to your surroundings. It is also known as the lucky devil. Blue iris represents hope and faith. Wish your neighbours luck.


  • Lilies: Every shade of lily flower represents different meanings. The freshness of the flower has given it a symbol of fresh life, purity and birth.  They make excellent presents to use. 


  • Mayflower: Symbol of welcome, mayflower flower is rare. They blossom in white with 5 to 7 petals and are very fragrant. They grow slowly and prefer the moist and shade regions of the oak forest. 

  • Pear blossom: Pear blossom is the flower growing on a pear tree; it symbolizes long friendship and hope. They are the best flowers to offer to new neighbours, welcoming with open arms and heart. 

  • Phlox: Phlox is the summer and fall flowers in pale blue, violet, pink, red and white colours. They represent the ideas of harmony, unity and compatibility. The phlox flowers are universally known as flowers of agreement. 


  • Sunflowers: Sunflowers are the most beautiful and elegant flowers. They symbolize good luck and lasting happiness. Sunflowers show your caring nature towards others. 


Important facts to keep in mind while selecting flowers for your neighbours


The flowers can be an excellent choice when meeting new neighbours.  But there are certain facts to remember while choosing the lovelies to greet your future friends are:


  • Colour: Avoid red as it represents love and passion. Avoid plain white and greens as they express sympathy and funerals. 

  • Choose bright colours; they are vibrant and inviting. The Yellow Rose is the best of all as it is a symbol of friendship. 

  • You can choose from bouquet selections and can opt for a basket theme as well.


  • A potted plant is another wonderful option but chooses wisely considering children and pets as well. Some flowers can easily make pets going haywire. 


  • Anyone can be allergic to flowers; you can never know. While selecting a beautiful flower arrangement for your neighbour, try to go for a pollen-free, low level of pollen or ask a florist to remove pollen all together. 


List of Hypoallergenic Flowers for those who are allergic to changing weather.  


  1. Yellow Daffodils
  2. Vibrant Hyacinth
  3. Pale Carnations
  4. Bloomy Hydrangeas
  5. Blushy Peonies
  6. Popular Roses
  7. Farm mixed Tulips
  8. Blue Irises
  9. Snapdragons
  10. Orchids



Flowers are gifts to mankind. They make everything beautiful and fresh with their presence. They have an undefined beauty to them, which cannot be replaced. New Neighbours are always shy about surroundings and tired from the move. Offer a welcoming hand and vibrant flowers to give them a new hope of new friendships and beginnings. 

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